What is the Non-Resident Speculation Tax? Do I have to pay it?

Posted January 9, 2020

The Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST) is a new Ontario provincial tax which may be payable on purchase transactions when the Agreement of Purchase and Sale was signed on or after April 21, 2017.  NRST must be paid when all three of the following conditions are met:

Any purchaser is not a […]

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What is probate? Why do I need it?

Posted August 30, 2019

Probate means to prove or validate.  Although many people think of probate as a fee which is paid to the Court, it is actually the process our legal system uses to approve a person’s last will after his or her death.  This process also confirms the appointment of the person(s) […]

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Why do I need a marriage contract or a cohabitation agreement?

Posted September 18, 2014

So you say: “why do I need a contract to move in with my girlfriend?”, or, “we are getting married and we will live happily ever after, so why do I need a contract?”
Well, the answer is simple. Each party should know what their respective rights and responsibilities are […]

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Do I need a new Will if I get married? Do I need a new Will if I get divorced?

Posted September 10, 2014

Any major life change should encourage you to think about your Will and whether it is meeting your current needs. When it comes to your Will, two especially important life changes are marriage and divorce.
When you get married after making a Will, your existing Will is generally […]

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How does auto insurance work if I have been in a car accident?

Posted September 1, 2014

Drivers in Ontario are required to have auto insurance. However, many drivers do not have a full understanding of auto insurance because it is a complicated system full of legal terminology. This blog will explain some basic concepts to help you understand auto insurance in Ontario.
No Fault Insurance
Most […]

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