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Although many of our clients experience similar issues, especially when dealing with separation and divorce, each case has a unique set of facts. The Family Law team at Prouse, Dash & Crouch LLP will be upfront with you regarding the strengths and potential weakness of your position in order to achieve the best solution possible and will help you find a successful resolution to your problem. There are different methods of achieving these results for our clients:


Many clients have a good relationship with the other party which allows them to work together to resolve their issues outside of court and many are not interested in going to court. Our family law team can work with you and the other party’s lawyer to obtain a fair resolution without going to Court. This can involve the two lawyers working to negotiate a resolution on behalf of their clients or both lawyers and both parties may sit down together at a settlement meeting to attempt to resolve the matter amicably.


Mediation is a way of helping people resolve issues relating to a dispute. A trained mediator will assist you and the other party identify the issues between you and come up with solutions that work for you and your family. Parties to a mediation are able to take a more active role in determining the ultimate outcome. Mediation can occur before or during a court process and may be less costly than court attendances. Your lawyer can attend with you at a private mediation.


Litigation occurs when you and the other party are unable to resolve your dispute through other methods and an Application must be brought before the Court in order to have a Judge make an Order to resolve the dispute. When a family law matter is litigated there are various Court attendances that are mandatory under our law. Numerous court attendances can be very costly to you. Our team recognizes that litigation is expensive for our clients and we endeavor to assist you in resolving your dispute outside of the court process whenever possible.