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The Litigation team at Prouse, Dash & Crouch LLP is also fully equipped and experienced in the resolution of disputes by way of alternative dispute resolution. There are situations where alternate methods of resolving disputes may be in your best interest. The Litigation team is open to alternate forms of dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, and experienced in employing the processes and procedures related to these alternate forums.
In addition, Prouse, Dash & Crouch LLP has counsel who are qualified and experienced in conducting mediations and arbitrations as mediators and arbitrators in their own right. Mediation and arbitration can often save parties significant amounts of time and can allow the parties to maintain more control over the outcome of the resolution of the particular dispute and the privacy of the proceedings. It is important to consider whether your dispute might be more effectively resolved through arbitration or mediation as the court litigation process can be long and uncertain.