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Areas Of Expertise

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Arbitrations and Mediations

James Pratt draws on 40 plus years legal experience to Arbitrate and Mediate disputes in the following areas of law,

  • Employment including disputes over grounds for or proper notice of termination, discipline issues, sexual harassment and other human rights claims;
  • Estate Matters such as Will interpretation, disputes over issues of estate administration;
  • Commercial including disputes over terms of warranty or performance, license (including software) agreements, franchise agreements, and terms of commercial leases;
  • Partnership and Corporate Matters including shareholder disputes, disagreements over partnership and shareholder agreements;
  • Contract Interpretation;
  • Real Estate such as disputes over title requisitions, closing sufficiency, property boundaries, and encroachments;
  • Non-Profit or Charitable Organizations.

James’ goal is to provide his legal colleagues and their clients with knowledgeable, fair, and creative Arbitrated or Mediated dispute resolution.

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